Moving House with Man’s Best Friend


Furniture, books, clothes etc.… All the inanimate objects we take with us when moving house don’t have any routine; they don’t complain or even notice when they’re moved into new surroundings – but the same can’t be said for our furry friends.

Moving can be unsettling and stressful for humans, and we know exactly what’s going on and have made a considered choice to up and leave the surroundings we have become accustomed to. Dogs however have no idea what’s happening when their owner is planning a move.

We have to consider that our pets have their favourite rooms, comfy spots and choice places to nap – hence uprooting them from their beloved homes can be tough, and needs to be approached with caution.

No one wants to cause their dogs alarm or discomfort, so make the transition as easy as possible for them with our simple tips and tricks to moving house with man’s best friend.

Maintain Routine



Dogs love routine, so after you’ve moved house, be sure to keep everything the same. Walks, meal times, bed times and play times should remain identical (or as close as possible) in your new home as they were in your old one. This way, your dog will feel less disconcerted and will find it easier to settle in to their new residence.

Acquaint your Dog with his New Area



This might not always be possible with the busyness of moving house and all its demands, but if you have time, try and take your dog to visit the new house before moving in day. Take it for a walk around the neighbourhood and let it run into and meet new dogs in the area if possible. This will all help your dog to feel more at ease once you’ve moved in and reduce the chances of it running away or getting lost.

Walk Before you Ride



Before driving the moving van to your new place, take the dog out of the way for a walk. This tip is two pronged – firstly it will help to calm your dog down and keep him/her happy and less irritated on the ride, secondly it will get your dog out of the way when the removal men are moving your belongings out of your house and into the van; dogs hate seeing strangers going in and out of the house and it can make them stressed and anxious – a recipe for disaster when you’re trying to keep them calm for the big move!

Pet in the Van



On your way to the new house be sure to give your dog lots of attention and affection; play with him, pet him and talk to him to make the time pass quickly.

Spoil your Pet



This is the most important tip of all; to make this all round confusing time for your dog as easy as possible, be sure to spoil him/her as much as you can. Extra treats, walks and play time will do wonders for your dog’s happiness when settling into its new home. You can even break the golden rule and let him/her sleep in your bed for the first few nights – just whilst your furry friend is getting used to all the changes, mind…

Serve-Up the Love in Excess!


Dogs are notoriously loving animals; as long as their owners happy and showing them love and attention, they don’t care where they are or what they’re doing! Keep giving them lots of affection and there should be no problems. Happy dogs will be healthy and better equipped to deal with the impending change…


Merely sticking to these simple acts will make moving that much easier for you and your dog. After all, no one wants a miserable pup growling at all their new neighbours!!!

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