Keep or Sell Your Property When Moving Abroad

When moving abroad, many landlords face a big dilemma. What to do with their property? Should they simply sell it and use the money to start a new life abroad? Or is it a better idea to leave it sitting to have a place to return to in case things abroad don’t work out as planned? And who says it has to sit empty? Why not rent it and get an additional source of income? As it turns out, every option has its advantages and disadvantages which should be carefully considered before making the final decision.

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The Ultimate Packing Hacks

Some moving hacks go without saying, like packing the largest and heaviest items in your car first or, ensuring that fragile items are well protected to minimise the risk of them cracking when being transported. However, when it comes to packing for a house move; there are some smart hacks that only the savviest space-savers know about!

So, what are the ultimate packing hacks?

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Moving Injuries Are Not Always Innocent


Moving injuries are much more common than most people think. And what is perhaps even more important, is that they are not always innocent.  On the contrary, they can be extremely painful, while some may even require hospitalisation and a lengthy recovery.


Using removal company in London to move house, office or even abroad can result in a wide range of injuries, with some of the most commonly reported ones including:

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