7 Hacks for Moving House – Stress Free!

Woman unpacking lamp from moving box at new house

Honestly, moving is never going to be totally stress free (we lied in the title…)

There’s so much to think about and organise whilst being forced to deal with endless, less than helpful estate agents – not to mention the expense of it all!

Recent research by Lloyds bank revealed that collectively, UK home owners spent £6.6 billion on moving home last year; this was a 27% increase on the previous year. The average homeowner spends a hefty £8,200 on moving property, and the figures for London are even more frightening; £16000 is the average spend for a move in the Capital!

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The Most Important Items to Pack when Moving House

Young couple moving into a new apartment. More files of this seires on port. Made with professional make up and styling.

Cleaning: It’s very tempting to start unpacking boxes immediately when you move in to your new property. The likelihood is, your new home will require a good vacuuming, dusting and a good, thorough scrubbing! Make sure floors and surfaces are clean before unpacking too many items.

Wear warm clothes: Unless you’ve pre-set the heating to be on for your arrival; it is likely that the bare house will be rather cold. Layers are a good option; you can add or remove them according to how you feel. Often, moving items and unpacking can get your heart pumping and warm you up quite quickly.

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