Best cities in England for…


Deciding where to move isn’t an easy task, what with so many things to take into consideration. For some people, certain factors are more important than others; young professionals may put job prospects and things to do at the top of their priority list, whereas families may consider if there are things for children to do, and education. Whatever your main factor is for moving, we have researched which cities come top for a number of reasons; beauty, education, jobs, house prices, things to do, and child-friendliness. 


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How To Get Cash For Your Old Entertainment Items

Over the years many of us have accumulated various DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, CD’s and Game’s that we no longer seem to use nor need. Disruptive innovations such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify now all cater for these entertainment needs in a more easier and convenient way.  At the click of a button, users can find their favourite media without having to leave the house or worry about where they are going to have to store them.

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