BAR Consumer Affairs

In dispute with a Remover?

The Association provides advice and support should you experience a problem that you have been unable to resolve with your BAR remover. In the first instance, you may call upon our free conciliation service which in most cases achieves a mutually acceptable settlement. All our members comply with the BAR Code of Practice and our assessment of any problem will reflect the Code's principles.

Conciliation Service

For immediate urgent advice call our Consumer Affairs department on For any other problem write or fax to us a summary of the problem, including copies of your quotation documents and any relevant correspondence between you and the remover. We will then endeavour to resolve the matter to the reasonable satisfaction of you and your remover. In the event that the problem remains unresolved after BAR's intervention, our independent arbitration scheme may be the way to resolve it formally.

Independent Arbitration scheme

The BAR arbitration scheme is administered entirely independently by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and is generally available when a dispute cannot be resolved informally through conciliation. Arbitration results in a legally binding Award determined by a qualified arbitrator and avoids the need for either party to resort to the county court service. Full details will be provided to you by BAR if conciliation is unsuccessful.

Affiliates/Business Partners

The BAR currently enjoys the support of a number of businesses that sell or provide a service to the removals and storage industry.
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BAR 2006 Conference

BAR provide a valuable opportunity for members and the Association to get together, providing a forum to discuss the issues of the day affecting the industry.
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BAR Training

We are the recognised voice for specialised and relevant training for any company involved in the Logistics, Removals & Storage Industry.
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