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If you are looking for a removal company Wimbledon, you are obviously planning to move your home or business in or around this London district. And if you are looking for professional help to relocate your home or business, then you most likely already know that moving can be very time consuming and exhausting. The good news is that you don't have to do it alone. Wimbledon removal companies will be more than happy to help you with removals Wimbledon.

Removal companies Wimbledon will assist you at every step along the way including packing your things, carrying them down the stairs, transporting, unpacking and putting onto place, if you want them to. Their job is to make moving house Wimbledon an unforgettable experience - but in a positive way as you get to choose to which extent you want to be involved in the actual process of moving. Another great thing about hiring experts is that they make sure the “job” is done within the agreed time, which is extremely important when relocating business or office. As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to contact house removals Wimbledon or moving companies Wimbledon that can help you relocate your business/office.

About Wimbledon

Best known for hosting the oldest tennis championships in the world, Wimbledon is a district in the Borough of Merton in south-west London. Home to approximately 58,000 people (in 2011), the district is also known as the home to the New Wimbledon Theatre and the Wimbledon Common as well as a wealth of other world-class attractions and events that make it one of the most visited London boroughs. And based on the large number of Wimbledon removals, it's a highly desirable place to live as well.

A Brief History

Evidence of human settlement in Wimbledon dates back to the Iron Age, while the first written records date to the mid-10th century when it was mentioned in a charter of Edgar I (Edgar the Peaceful). From 1866 to 1965, the town of Wimbledon and the surrounding area made up the Municipal Borough of Wimbledon. With the London Government Act 1963, this borough was abolished and the area became a part of the today's London Borough of Merton. Ever since, most Wimbledon removal companies have also been covering other Merton's districts.


Wimbledon is the commercial centre of the London Borough of Merton and has the largest concentration of office space in the borough. Compared to other Merton's districts, Wimbledon has less industry but it serves as the headquarters to several large private companies. Most of the office space, however, is owned or rented by medium to small firms from a range of sectors. As a result, office removals are high in demand although the local moving companies are working with businesses from a wide range of sectors. In the recent years, the district has also established itself as a popular start-up destination.


Neither Wimbledon nor other districts that make up the Borough of Merton have a university, however, it is almost “neighbour” to the Kingston University in the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames that borders Merton in north-east. Also, the borough is home to the South Thames College and a number of primary and secondary schools, both state-funded and independent as well as special/alternative schools, all of which can turn to if they need any help in Wimbledon removals.

Landmarks and Attractions

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is the district's prime attraction, especially during the Wimbledon Championships that attract nearly half of a million of visitors. Other places worth visiting in Wimbledon include Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum which can be visited at any time of the year, New Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon Commons and Southside House, to list only a few of the top landmarks and attractions in the district which also provides an extensive support regarding removals Wimbledon.

Highest Quality Wimbledon Removals for Every Pocket

Think you can't afford professional Wimbledon removals service? Well, think again. Not only you can afford it but you can afford the highest quality service which is just as important as a competitive price. After all, you want your things to arrive to their new location free of damage and on time. So when deciding between the many removal companies Wimbledon, don't focus on the price alone.

To ensure that you get the best value for your money, you are recommended to ask for a quote before ordering a moving service. But you are also recommended to read some testimonials. These will tell you a lot about the quality of service you can expect and whether your most valuable belongings will be in safe hands until getting to their new location.

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