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You will not regret hiring a removal company Wandsworth no matter if you are planning to relocate your office/business or moving house Wandsworth. In addition to eliminating or at least, significantly reducing the stress of moving/relocating, Wandsworth removal companies also minimise the likelihood of injuries which are first, not as infrequent as you may think and second, not as harmless as they may seem at a first glance. On the contrary, those working for Wandsworth removals have seen many sprained ankles and even broken wrists, not to mention cuts, abrasions and wounds which could be avoided if Wandsworth removal companies would be hired from the start of the moving process.

Besides injuries, people working for removals Wandsworth have also seen a lot of damaged things. And these also included items of great value, both financial and emotional, while the level of damage ranged from mild to beyond repair. Again, the damage could easily be avoided by hiring removal companies Wandsworth early on. To protect yourself from injury and your valuables from damage, you are therefore highly recommended to contact house removals Wandsworth or moving companies Wandsworth for business/office relocation if you are moving your business or office.

About Wandsworth

Wandsworth is a borough in south-west inner London. Covering an area of over 13 square miles (34 square kilometres), Wandsworth borders the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames in the south, Borough of Lambeth in the east, Borough of Richmond Upon Thames in the west, and the City of Westminster, Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in the north. According to the 2014 estimate, it is home to approximately 312,000 people. That number is expected to grow in the following years, also thanks to local moving companies that offer their services to both businesses and homeowners.

A Brief History

The area that makes up the present-day Borough of Wandsworth was historically a part of Surrey and officially became a part of London with the formation of the Wandsworth District of the Metropolis in 1855. In 1900, the Wandsworth District excluding Battersea became the Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth. The latter was abolished with the formation of today's London Borough of Wandsworth in 1965, which also marked the beginning of the first Wandsworth removal companies.


Wandsworth's economy predominantly consists of small firms with fewer than 10 employees. In 2011, small companies accounted for over 90 percent of all registered businesses. Their number reached nearly 15,500 and shows a tendency to grow. As a result, Wandsworth removal companies including are expected to have a lot of work in the following years. Sectors with the largest number of employees are health, education and retail. They employ nearly 40 percent of all working people which is considerably above both London and national average. A large number of employees in Wandsworth are also working in professional scientific and technical sector.


If you have read any relocation guidelines for Wandsworth then you already know that students living in the borough can choose between a large number of schools at all educational levels. In addition to state-funded, there are also many independent schools including primary and preparatory as well as senior and all-through schools, and special and alternative schools. The borough has two further education colleges – St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College and South Thames College.

Landmarks and Attractions

The Borough of Wandsworth has a lot of fantastic landmarks and attractions that are enjoyed by both visitors and residents alike. Some of their favourite places of interest include the De Morgan Centre and its rich arts and crafts collection, the lovely King George's Park and Battersea Park, Battersea Arts Centre, Southside Shopping Centre and more. However, it is best to explore the area yourself after having your things relocated to your new address in Wandsworth.

Hire Professionals and Save Money

According to many people who work in the removal industry, many businesses and in particular homeowners contact moving companies only when they figure out that doing it on their own is too tough and too time consuming. By postponing the hiring of professionals, however, they don't only waste their time but they also put themselves at risk of injury and their things at risk of damage.

By hiring professionals at the start, you will not only save time but you will also avoid the risk of both injuring yourself or/and damaging your things. And this can save you a lot of money too, especially if you are moving things of great value.

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