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Southend removal companies make moving house Southend or business/office relocation in or around this part of Lewisham effortless, fast and simple. And stress-free as well. But what is perhaps even more important, by hiring a removal company Southend, you will avoid a potentially very dangerous fall. Carrying heavy boxes makes it a lot more difficult to maintain balance and as a result, you are at increased risk of falling. At the same time, the boxes can seriously obstruct your vision, making you more likely to trip on an obstacle, drop you precious belongings or/and fall.

By having removal companies Southend do the moving, your things are also less likely to get damaged along the way. This is because people working in removals Southend are trained to avoid losing balance while lifting and carrying heavy loads. But they are also trained how to pack things in order for them to stay safe during loading and transportation. In contrast, those who don't have experience with Southend removals can fail to take the necessary precaution measures and unwittingly put their belongings at a serious risk of damage. Don't be one of them and contact house removals Southend or moving companies Southend with experience in office/business relocation.

About Southend

Southend is a small residential suburb in the Borough of Lewisham in south-east London. It covers only a tiny part of Lewisham, which in turn spreads over an area of 13.6 square miles (35 square kilometres). In 2014, the Borough was called home by over 290,000 people but only a small fraction of Lewisham population lived in Southend. Nevertheless, there is a high demand for the best quality removal services.

A Brief History

Southend used to be a small village in the parish of Lewisham. And since it was located in its south end, it eventually came to called Southend. As a part of the parish of Lewisham, Southend was in the mid-19th century incorporated in the newly formed Lewisham District which also included the area of the parish of Penge. In 1900, the the Lewisham District was succeeded by the Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham. In 1965, it was merged with the Metropolitan Borough of Deptford into today's London Borough of Lewisham. A number of Southend removing companies came into being about the same time.


While Southend is no longer rural for quite some time, there isn't much business in the area with the exception of retail. As mentioned earlier, it is more or less a residential suburb. As a result, house removals are particularly high in demand. The majority of Southend residents commute to work to other parts of the Borough of Lewisham although many also commute to other London boroughs. In total, about 100,000 of Lewisham's residents commute outside their borough on a daily basis.


Most Southend students attend state-funded or independent schools in the Borough of Lewisham. There is a large number of both primary and secondary schools as well as special and alternative schools – both state-funded and independent. The Borough is also home to two further education institutions: The Christ the King Sixth Form College, a Catholic sixth form college with three campuses (Lewisham, Sidcup and Brockley) and the so-called LeSoCo (short for Lewisham Southwark College) which, like its name suggests, is located in both Lewisham and Southwark. happy to help in removals Southend for educational reasons and by taking care of every slightest detail, enable students to remain concentrated on their academic activities.

Landmarks and Attractions

Even though Southend is predominantly residential, there is no shortage of attractions and sites of interest, with many more in the immediate vicinity or just a short drive away. Examples include the Broadway Theatre (Catford), Manor House Gardens, Mountsfield Park, Horniman Museum and Rivoli Ballroom, not to mention the many pubs, restaurants, shops, etc. which are extensively covered in the removing guidelines for this part of Lewisham.

The Best Removals Southend at the Best Price

To really benefit from having your home or office/business relocated by a removal company Southend, it is of utmost importance to hire the best moving company that covers this area. And don't worry about the cost. It may be true that quality never comes cheap but are you prepared to risk your things getting damaged during the removal? Or worse, get destroyed? No? Then don't settle for anything but the best.

By choosing the best removal company Southend, you will avoid the potential costs for repair or replacement of damaged items. This is because the best ones in the industry have the best teams consisting of highly trained and professional individuals who treat every piece as a highly fragile object of priceless value. And believe it or not, you can find the finest removals Southend at exceptionally competitive prices.

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