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Islington removal companies can make moving much more comfortable and convenient. And they are keen to help whether you are looking for moving house Islington or office/business Islington removals. Besides reducing the stress of moving, a removal company Islington will also help you save time you would spend for packing, transporting and in the end, unpacking. But what is perhaps even more important is that removal companies Islington will help you avoid a sprained ankle or other potentially serious (and painful too!) injury.

Another reason why professional removals Islington are so high in demand is due to the fact that the risk of damage to the moved items is virtually non-existent. Yes, you read right. Your things are more likely to arrive to the new location undamaged if you call the professionals. So contact a company that offers house removals Islington or moving companies Islington for business relocations today to discuss your requirements and set the date of removal.

About Islington

Islington is an Inner London borough north of the City of London. It covers an area of less than 6 square miles (about 15 square kilometres), which makes it the second smallest London borough after Kensington and Chelsea. Despite its small size, however, it is called home by over 220,000 people (in 2014) and is the most densely populated of all London boroughs. Thus it isn't a surprise that companies offering house removal services in Islington are very busy.

A Brief History

The Borough of Islington was created in 1965 when the city authorities decided to merge the metropolitan boroughs of Finsbury and Islington. The area, however, has been settled at least since the Anglo-Saxon period when it is first mentioned. It also appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 when its original Anglo-Saxon name of Giseldone changed into Isendone which eventually became Islington. Removal companies that cover the borough don't have such a long history but many have been around for decades, providing the finest quality services to both businesses and homeowners.


Like other London boroughs, Islington still 'feels' the consequences of the recession but the local economy is performing very well. This also clearly reveals the continuously high demand for office and business relocations. What is also very encouraging is that the forecasts for the future predict a continued growth of both business and employment. Currently, the largest number of jobs in Islington are generated by the following sectors: administration, retail, food, accommodation, health, IT, finance and transport, to mention only a few.


In addition to more than 40 primary schools and 10 secondary schools, Islington also has several special and alternative schools. The borough's students also enjoy easy access to further and higher education institutions as Islington is the headquarters to the City and Islington College; City University, London; and London Metropolitan University. And until works at King's Cross are completed, the borough is also home to the Westminster Kingsway College. When it will move back to its original location, the College will need the assistance of a professional removing company such as

Landmarks and Attractions

Islington landmarks and attractions can't compete with those in the neighbouring City of London but the borough's residents and visitors have nothing to complain about, especially art and culture lovers. The borough has a large number of museums and art galleries as well as theatres, while sports fans know Islington best for being home to the Arsenal Football Club and its ground - the Emirates Stadium (the former Ashburton Grove). For more information on things to do and see in the borough, check your moving guidelines.

Highest Standards of Quality No Matter if Moving House of Business

Every removal is unique. But they all require the highest standards of quality no matter if moving house or business. To achieve and maintain the highest quality services, Islington removal companies have highly skilled and committed teams consisting of exceptionally trained professionals who also regularly take part in professional development training.

You probably wonder how much their services will cost you. Believe it or not, but they are much more affordable than you may think. Just ask for a quote and see for yourself. We can assure you that once you see how accessible are the finest quality moving companies Islington, it won't even cross your mind to start packing without them.

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