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Relocating your business/office or moving house Harrow and have difficulties handling the situation? There is no reason to feel angry at yourself because moving house or relocating business is not easy at all. Also, there is much more to it than simply packing your stuff and transporting it to the new address. There is a million of things to think on and do besides the mentioned tasks. Forget about one thing and you can soon find yourself in big trouble. A growing number of homeowners and businesses are therefore hiring Harrow removal companies to assist them in Harrow removals.

In addition to transporting your belongings and doing all the hard work, removal companies Harrow think of everything, making sure that not a single thing is left out or forgotten in removals Harrow. This, however, doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have any say in the moving process. While you can leave it all up to the chosen removal company Harrow, you can also actively take part in packing, loading, transporting,... anything you want. Just be sure to specify your expectations/requirements when looking for house removals Harrow or moving companies Harrow that offer business relocations in this part of London.

About Harrow

Harrow is a borough in north-west London, which is according to the 2014 estimate home to about 246,000 people, including a number of prominent individuals from arts and entertainment, journalism, sport and politics. And many of them moved to the borough using the services of local removal companies. Harrow covers an area of 19.5 square miles (50.5 kilometres) and borders the London boroughs of Barnet in the east, Ealing in the south, Brent in the south east and Hillingdon in the west. In the north, it borders the Three Rivers District in the County of Hertfordshire.

A Brief History

Just like other present-day London boroughs, the Borough of Harrow was founded in 1965. Before that, it was a municipal borough, a status it received in 1954. Before it was incorporated as a borough, it had a status of an urban district in the former county of Middlesex which was eventually almost completely 'absorbed' by Greater London. Interestingly, it is the only London borough with identical boundaries as the former urban district. The oldest removal companies in the borough trace their history to the mid-20th century.


Harrow has a very dynamic economy with more than 10,000 businesses, largely small to medium-sized enterprises which also include quite a few moving companies for business/office relocation as well as house removals. There are also a few large companies, with some of the biggest employers being Kodak and Ladbrokes. Public sector is a major employer in the borough as well, especially the Harrow Council and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. The Harrow Council alone employs more than 5,000 people, which makes it the largest single employer in the area.


Harrow's schools are widely considered to be very good, providing an excellent education at most levels including primary, secondary and tertiary. What makes the borough's education unique is that secondary schools didn't provide integrated sixth-form education for quite some time. As a result, students were compelled to continue education at tertiary colleges. These include the Harrow College, Stanmore College and St Dominic's Sixth Form College. There are also several independent primary and secondary schools which occasionally need the services of removal companies such as as well.

Landmarks and Attractions

The borough is home to a diversity of attractions for just about all ages and preferences. Both visitors and residents alike enjoy working out in the gym or other sports facilities at the Harrow Leisure Centre, exploring the local history at the Harrow Museum, admiring contemporary art at the Usurp Art, browse the rich collection of books at the Harrow Civic Centre Library. And if that's not enough, there is plenty to see and do nearby: the London Motorcycle Museum, Barham Park, Wembley Arena and Stadium,... You can learn more about the borough's landmarks and attractions in most [removal guidelines](

Custom-Tailored Harrow Removals to Suit Your Needs and Budget

As mentioned above, removal companies Harrow enable you to choose whether you want to be included in your house or business removal and to which degree. This doesn't only allow you to be in control of your removal but it also enables you to control the cost of the removal. Obviously, you will pay less if you help packing, loading, transporting or take part in any other part of the moving process than by opting for the full service. Which option is better is of course up to you to decide.

As much as Harrow removals cost is concerned, it also depends greatly on the chosen removal company Harrow. For that reason, it may be worth to take some time to shop around. Just make sure not to give up the quality to get a lower price. Remember, you want your things to get to your new home or office/business premises undamaged and in a timely manner.

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