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Are you planning to move a home or business in Bromley? If so, you should seriously consider hiring a removal company Bromley. Why? Because moving home or business is not as easy as it may seem at a first glance. In fact, it's a tough work which takes quite a lot of time too. Not to mention stressful. And that's what Bromley removal companies are here for. To make it easier on you and make the moving process free of stress, fast and believe it or not, enjoyable as well.

Removal companies Bromley will take care of everything including packing, loading, transporting, unloading, etc. This allows you to spend you time (and energy too!) for your family, recreation, relaxation or whatever makes you happy while moving house Bromley. You will also benefit a lot from hiring Bromley removals to relocate your business or office. So why bother and lose your precious time for things that can be taken care of for you by house removals Bromley or moving companies Bromley that offer relocation of businesses/offices.

About Bromley

Bromley is a south-east London borough with approximately 310,000 inhabitants (according to the 2011 census), while the 2014 population estimate is 320,000. This means that Bromley removal companies have been working hard over the past few years. The borough covers an area of 58 square miles (150 square kilometres) which makes it the largest of all London boroughs. Despite that, it is only 5th by population density. In comparison to other boroughs, Bromley is also more rural as about one third of all its territory is farmland.

A Brief History

Just like other London boroughs, Bromley was established in 1965. And just like other London boroughs, Bromley got the first removal companies around that time as well. But its administrative centre - the town of Bromley - is mentioned in written sources as early as 862. From then until the mid-19th century, the area was a part of the possessions of the Bishops of Rochester who got it from Ethelbert, King of Kent and Wessex. Throughout much of its history, Bromley was sleepy village. This would change after the arrival of the railway in the 1850s, triggering a rapid growth which continues to this day.


Bromley has a strong local economy, creating about 130,000 jobs that provide employment for nearly one half of the borough's population. Less than 15 percent of jobs are in the public sector which means that more than four fifths of all jobs are generated by some 14,000 private businesses, which also include removal companies offering professional removals of both homes and businesses. Sectors/industries providing the largest number of jobs include finance, banking, insurance, distribution and hospitality (hotels and restaurants).


The borough has many schools ranging from primary to secondary schools and special schools/units but there are also several independent schools. Some of the best known include St David's College, Bromley High School and Eltham College, to mention just a few. Also, the borough has a further and higher education college - the Bromley College of Further & Higher Education - which is attended by about 10,000 students. Many of them choose to move closer to their college using the services of Bromley removals including

Landmarks and Attractions

There is plenty to see and do in Bromley - for all ages and interests, and all year round. Some of the most popular landmarks and attractions in the borough include the Down House, Crystal Palace Park, High Elms Country Park, Chislehurst Caves, St Peter and St Paul, and Churchill Theatre, to name only some of many places to visit and experience. There are also plenty of opportunities for shopping, fine dining, family fun and more. In addition to a guideline to removals, it is therefore also worth to look for some guidelines to the area's top landmarks and attractions.

Removal Companies Bromley Offer Maximum Convenience You Can Afford

Hiring removal companies Bromley to move your belongings to a new house or relocate your business will obviously cost you some money. How much depends on whom you hire to do the job, however, you don't have to break a bank to get the job done professionally, fast and safely. On the contrary, you can get top quality service at super affordable price. But it's a good idea to ask for a quote and avoid a potentially unpleasant surprise.

In addition to being available to both private individuals and businesses, removals Bromley are also extremely convenient. As mentioned earlier, everything is taken care of from packing and transporting to unpacking. All you need to do is to pick a removal company Bromley, tell them where you are moving from and where to, when do you want the moving process to be completed and leave your contact information.

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