Moving Home - Europe

Moving to Europe is no more complicated than moving within the UK - it's just that the distances tend to be a bit longer, and there is always at least some water to cross!

With the development and expansion of the European Union, the movement of vehicles and goods is a great deal easier than it was in former times, but it still requires experience and familiarity with the processes to comply with all the customs and entry requirements of the different countries - not all of which are EU member states.

Many BAR members have wide experience in relocating families to the Continent, and some have become specialists in running regular trips to certain destinations - ask your remover about their own particular expertise.

Your chosen remover should be able to advise you about documentation and entry requirements regarding your goods and they will also be able to advise you of the kinds of unexpected factors which could affect the move.

If you're moving, look for the badge.

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